Feb. 2, 2023

Student resources: Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources


CADR photo
The Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources is a helpful resource for NDSU students.

NDSU’s Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources helps remove educational obstacles for students with disabilities.

The center, located in the lower level of the Main Library, processes students’ accommodation requests and provides answers to disability-related questions regarding student needs.

"We work with the NDSU community to provide equal access for students so they can confidently pursue their academic career,” said Mark Coppin, center director. “It’s important that we realize a disability is just another part of diversity on our campus, and we need to provide support for those students so they can be as successful as possible.”

If you have a diagnosed disability, the center can:

• Determine appropriate accommodations that provide equal access in the classroom.

• Assist with providing reasonable housing and dining accommodations.

• Provide support and training for assistive technologies.

• Assist in coordinating services for students with temporary disabilities.

• Consult with students, faculty and staff about the center.

• Assist students regarding skills for self-advocacy, study and self-management.

The office works with TRIO Student Support Services, ACE Tutoring, the Counseling Center and other university departments to provide a wide range of options and support for students.

“Not only can we provide services, but we also can connect students with other resources that are available at NDSU,” Coppin said.

For more information on the Center for Accessibility and Disability Services and other student resources, visit NDSU’s official YouTube page.

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